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Important Announcement Regarding the Current Server Status

Hello. This post was created to inform all of our users important announcements about the server and its related services.


First, we want to apologize for the downtime of 1 week. Now, we want to explain what happened and why, so I made the following breakdown:

*All times are in CST
  • June 14th: A user joined our Discord server.
  • June 16th (11:13): This user asks information on how to join to our Bedrock server.
  • 11:51: This user posts a IP Whois lookup of our server's IP as a threat.
  • Server goes down.
  • I get a DM from Ben and saying that the user was DDoSing our server because we wouldn't deactivate AntiVPN.
After this happening we thought that it was the moment to get a professional hosting service with DDoS protection. After comparing prices with the most common hosting services, the cheapest option was a $26 VPS with a common hosting provider, however, we decided that we can't afford paying $26 every month due the low income LibertyLand generates every month.

We moved fast and started a temporal instance that will host the Bungee, however, at the moment of writing, the Google Cloud credits will only last for 9 months approximately. What does this mean? Two things basically:

  1. Latency and performance between game servers (Towny, KitBattle and Creative) and the proxy won't be the best.
  2. If we can't in 9 months move the proxy to another reliable provider (or get enough donations to continue paying it), we'll probably need to shutdown gamemodes and stay with one server only.
We did not want to take the decision of degrading performance, however, I hope you all can understand that we can't invest in a professional hosting for a server where barely two people play a day.


As I will always say: If you can purchase items and/or ranks from our shop please consider doing so. That is the only way LibertyLand can keep developing more gamemodes and continue to operate.

We have a sale currently where all your purchases are duplicated: You can access our shop here.


We've been working in Creative since approximately 1 month ago. Today we're happy to announce that Creative is now available in the LibertyLand Network!

We really hope you enjoy it! To join it you must run the following command "/server creative". We also updated our ranks benefits to add exclusive benefits in Creative! You should check them out.

Bug tracker:

As you might now already, we've phased out our bug reporting channels in our Discord in favor or the new Bug Tracker. This will allow us to attend and respond bugs easier and faster. If you have a critical issue please set the Security Level to "Critical" when creating the issue.

Closing notes:

We've added Minecraft 1.14.3 support today. Enjoy!

News - June 2019

Welcome to our monthly changelog. Here are the most fresh news.

Town Hub:

To help new players (and old ones too), we've created /warp townhub where all the existing towns will have a portal that will teleport to the town's spawn.
*LibertyCity's portal does not work because the mayor did not build the counter part of it.


We released KitBattle. However, we had to close it to fix a couple of critical bugs. After fixing these and migrating to another plugin; we are proud to release KitBattle again. At first we decided to assign higher kits to VIP and Platinum ranks. This has changed and now kits have to be unlocked by winning coins.

You can win coins by killing other players. Every X number of coins will upgrade you to a new KitBattle rank. Each rank unlocks more kits and abilities.


Another thing we fixed are Shops of /warp shops. We were having multiple issues with the previous plugin. We've switched and the problems disappeared. This also allowed us to remove the limitation of 1 region per user, meaning now you can rent one hotel room and one shop.


Starting this month, Towns will be able to request administrators the creation of hotel rooms for their residents. These hotel rooms can be rented by the price set by the town mayor and will give the user access to a hotel room with basic utility blocks. This is a very safe method of storing things with a low cost, considered to buy a plot or keeping things in resources when you're starting.

Obviously, it cant be compared to buying a plot, which gives you a permanent space in a town which cant expire, but also helps the town itself.


We've added Suffixes to our Store. The prices range from $3 for a server-specific suffix and $5 for a global one. They may contain whatever color combination you want. The only rule is that it needs to comply with the rules; otherwise, it won't be applied.

News - May 2019

Hello. Welcome to the newsletter of the May and April months!


Our website has been updated with information about services you can hire and buy from the administration. Some of them are really interesting and useful to town mayors and users overall.
You buy services using Tokens (Which are our premium currency!).

To buy one you contact an administrator about it, then the administrator will place the order and do it.

For services that can be edited they may have an additional edit price.

Check out all the available services here. Have suggestions for a service you'd like to see? Let us know in the feature-requests channel of our Discord.

Shops world:

A new world has been created! The long awaited shops (former business) world is now available to use. Here you can rent a shop and sell all your things to earn money, or you can travel here to find something you need! The rent is $1,000 per day, and you can extend it clicking on the shop sign. To go there you can do /warp shops.
If your rent expires other people are able to rent it. We'll not be responsible for expired rents and "stolen" shops. When you login and your rent is about to expire you'll get a warning on chat, keep your eyes open!


Last month we added a plugin that allowed users to create elevators easily. After testing it with Java and Bedrock, we can announce it! You probably may have seen a new fancy elevator in /warp adminshop.

To build one you must put blocks in this same order:

  • Empty Sign
  • Button
  • Air (nothing)
  • In the ground a glass or stained glass block.

Then you hit the sign and some text should appear in it. Now lets go to the final floor!

On the final floor you have to do the same except replacing the glass block with an iron block:

Then hit the sign again and you're set up! To add more floors just repeat the step one in all the floors.

Tool Melting:

To help players earn money, we've added a new plugin which lets you melt your tools of any ore and get it back. It is based on durability and if its too damaged you won't get anything but destroyed hopes.

Special mention:

Shutout to @FroskPL who donated $5 this month (April and May) to support LibertyLand's development. Thanks to him!
If you want to support us please visit our
webstore, we'll be adding new payment gateways soon:tm:!

Bedrock Edition in LibertyLand!

Starting April 5th, 2019 the LibertyLand Network officially supports connecting using Bedrock Edition versions; it was already possible, however it was not recommended due the amount of bugs that are now fixed and tested.

Please read about the current bugs below. Report any issue you see if they aren't listed in the known bugs section.

The LibertyLand Network is proud to announce that after months of work, bug fixing of first and third party plugins, testing, we're able to release officially the support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, on Android, iOS, Windows 10, Xbox One* and Nintendo Switch*.

This is a big step on the right direction, as we're one of the first Java Edition Networks on supporting crossplay between Bedrock and Java Editions of the game and the first Towny server on supporting it.


Please check out the thread we prepared: Here

  • Enchanting tables do not work correctly. They will disconnect you.
  • Anvils do not work correctly. They will disconnect you.
  • No swim animation.
  • Blocks do not play sounds when placing or breaking.
  • Can't interact with some NPCs
  • Item frames do not show the item or block.
  • Some blocks are shown incorrectly.

News - February 2019

Hey there. We're back with the monthly news (a bit late but here it is).

We finally released our website with all the information about the server. There's also a page with all the vote links!

We're proud to release our premium currency!
Tokens are enchanted emeralds with custom name and lore (so they can't be faked) that you can use to buy premium services, VIP(+) ranks and OP items.

The new premium currency has a value of $1,000,000 maximum and $100,000 minimum. However, this may vary depending on the seller. For example, some user may sell you 1 token for $500,000 but some other for $400,000.

The new Token Exchange Center is now available in /warp tokens and you can buy, sell and redeem tokens for coupons and the new Token Fragment.

Token Exchange Center:

In the Token Exchange Center you can buy VIP and VIP+ ranks with ingame money (Tokens). [TIP: They're 30% cheaper in our webstore, while you support the server you also pay less for the same VIP membership ;)]

You can exchange 5 Token Fragments for 1 Token, 1 Token Coupon for 1 Token; buy 1 Token for $1,000,000 and sell for $100,000.

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