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[News] May Updates

Play time rewards:

We've added a reward every 20 minutes which gives you $200. This is only given while online and not AFK.



Elevators are now craftable, this means anyone can use them. The recipe is:


(An ender pearl surrounded by 8 white wool blocks)

They are shulkerboxes, however they are not usable. To use an elevator you need at least 2 of them.


We've changed the price of Plots and Embassies, the final prices are:
  • Town: $150,000
  • Nation: $350,000
  • Claim Town Plot:
    • Normal: $15,000
    • Embassy: $50,000
Building Event:

We're running a Building Event that will end on May 8th, 2020. To participate please join our Discord and read the event rules and information in #announcements.

Grand Reopening

After almost 5 months now, I want to announce that LibertyLand, if nothing goes wrong, will be releasing on April 21st, 2020 (that is in 2 days), supporting Minecraft 1.15.2 and Bedrock 1.14.60.

In the past 5 months we have been working every day to join what was cool about the old LibertyLand and new ideas we have implemented.

Everyone is welcome again, and we'll be happy if you join us.

Meanwhile, I'd recommend reading the Rules, the Punishment table and the Allowed mods list.

For plot re-claiming please contact the respective Town mayor, either @FroskPL2 (LibertyCity) or @ithinkimcats (New Amerique).

Stay tuned because on Friday we'll host the first of the weekly events!