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  1. Artuto

    [News] May Updates

    Play time rewards: We've added a reward every 20 minutes which gives you $200. This is only given while online and not AFK. Elevators: Elevators are now craftable, this means anyone can use them. The recipe is: (An ender pearl surrounded by 8 white wool blocks) They are shulkerboxes...
  2. Artuto

    How to Connect from Bedrock Edition

    Bedrock Edition Connection Guide LibertyLand now supports playing from Bedrock Edition, here's a guide on how to connect using a Bedrock client. ---------- Table of Contents: Connecting using: Windows 10 and Android Nintendo Switch Xbox One PlayStation 4
  3. Artuto

    Grand Reopening

    After almost 5 months now, I want to announce that LibertyLand, if nothing goes wrong, will be releasing on April 21st, 2020 (that is in 2 days), supporting Minecraft 1.15.2 and Bedrock 1.14.60. In the past 5 months we have been working every day to join what was cool about the old LibertyLand...
  4. Artuto

    Allowed Modifications List

    Allowed Modifications What mods can be used on LIbertyLand? Players usually install mods to change their Minecraft experience, either to improve performance or to change the visual appearance of the game. Minecraft mods are usually fun to use, however, not all of them are allowed on LibertyLand...
  5. Artuto

    Towny Guide [Updated March 29th 2020]

    The Ultimate Towny Guide Based in the Towny wiki ---------- Table of contents: Hierarchy: Nomad Resident VIP Builder Assistant Mayor King How Towns Grow: Starting a new Town Joining an existing Town Plot System: Town Blocks Claiming Plot Groups Plot Types Outposts Selling Cleaning...
  6. Artuto

    Punishments Table

    Here's the punishments table that our Moderation team will use to sanction users: Notes: For the 4th time and beyond: Falls under the moderator's consideration, for example, depending on the context or past punishments. Moderators may change the length of a punishment depending on the...
  7. Artuto

    LibertyLand Network Rules

    LibertyLand Network Rules A set of rules we expect everyone to follow with no exceptions ---------- 1. Interaction between players: It is not allowed to: Harass and bully other players. Use the server chat to: Spam (repeatedly sending the same message or with small changes). Flood...