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Sep 9, 2019
Allowed Modifications
What mods can be used on LIbertyLand?
Players usually install mods to change their Minecraft experience, either to improve performance or to change the visual appearance of the game. Minecraft mods are usually fun to use, however, not all of them are allowed on LibertyLand or have restrictions.


Important Note

The use of any modification is at your own risk, including the ones listed here, that is because we cannot approve very version and configuration used.

All modifications that you install should be from the official sources. Unofficial builds may behave unexpectedly and get you banned from LibertyLand or even contain malicious code that damages your computer or Minecraft account.


Allowed Mods
  • Mods that improve client performance:
    Mods that optimize the client to run better in low-end PCs, such as OptiFine and others.​
  • Mods that improve graphics:
    Shaders or resource packs that change the client's aesthetics that do not change the gameplay or block properties (e.g. making some blocks transparent) or to change the player's perspective.
  • Mods that change the HUD:
    Mods that change the HUD of the game in a way that do not add extra information that would not be available to players normally (such as radars). For example, armor, health and food indicators and mini-maps (with radar disabled) are allowed.
If a modification does not fit clearly into any of the allowed modification categories, it should be assumed to be disallowed.


  • LibertyLand does not endorse any of the mods mentioned here, they are only mentioned as examples.​
  • We do not develop or control those modifications either.​
  • Mods may be allowed or disallowed at any time without warning at the LibertyLand's Administration.
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