Important Announcement Regarding the Current Server Status


Staff member
Aug 28, 2018
Hello. This post was created to inform all of our users important announcements about the server and its related services.


First, we want to apologize for the downtime of 1 week. Now, we want to explain what happened and why, so I made the following breakdown:

*All times are in CST
  • June 14th: A user joined our Discord server.
  • June 16th (11:13): This user asks information on how to join to our Bedrock server.
  • 11:51: This user posts a IP Whois lookup of our server's IP as a threat.
  • Server goes down.
  • I get a DM from Ben and saying that the user was DDoSing our server because we wouldn't deactivate AntiVPN.
After this happening we thought that it was the moment to get a professional hosting service with DDoS protection. After comparing prices with the most common hosting services, the cheapest option was a $26 VPS with a common hosting provider, however, we decided that we can't afford paying $26 every month due the low income LibertyLand generates every month.

We moved fast and started a temporal instance that will host the Bungee, however, at the moment of writing, the Google Cloud credits will only last for 9 months approximately. What does this mean? Two things basically:

  1. Latency and performance between game servers (Towny, KitBattle and Creative) and the proxy won't be the best.
  2. If we can't in 9 months move the proxy to another reliable provider (or get enough donations to continue paying it), we'll probably need to shutdown gamemodes and stay with one server only.
We did not want to take the decision of degrading performance, however, I hope you all can understand that we can't invest in a professional hosting for a server where barely two people play a day.


As I will always say: If you can purchase items and/or ranks from our shop please consider doing so. That is the only way LibertyLand can keep developing more gamemodes and continue to operate.

We have a sale currently where all your purchases are duplicated: You can access our shop here.


We've been working in Creative since approximately 1 month ago. Today we're happy to announce that Creative is now available in the LibertyLand Network!

We really hope you enjoy it! To join it you must run the following command "/server creative". We also updated our ranks benefits to add exclusive benefits in Creative! You should check them out.

Bug tracker:

As you might now already, we've phased out our bug reporting channels in our Discord in favor or the new Bug Tracker. This will allow us to attend and respond bugs easier and faster. If you have a critical issue please set the Security Level to "Critical" when creating the issue.

Closing notes:

We've added Minecraft 1.14.3 support today. Enjoy!