LibertyLand Network Rules

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Sep 9, 2019
LibertyLand Network Rules
A set of rules we expect everyone to follow with no exceptions


1. Interaction between players:

It is not allowed to:
  1. Harass and bully other players.​
  2. Use the server chat to:​
    • Spam (repeatedly sending the same message or with small changes).​
    • Flood (repeating the same character in a single message to create a long sentence).​
    • Advertise (sending links to other servers or promote something that is not related or affiliated with LibertyLand).​
    • Abuse caps lock.​
  3. Share other user's personal information without permission.​
  4. Encourage hatred or violence towards other players.​
  5. Falsely accuse a player of hacking, scamming, stealing, griefing, etc.​
  6. Bring up political or religious topics that may cause confrontation with other players.​
  7. Any other a member of the Staff Team may deem inappropriate.​

2. Player Behavior:
It is not allowed to:
  1. Use cheats.​
  2. Exploit bugs or features to gain an unfair advantage.​
  3. Use alternate accounts to gain advantage.​
  4. Do stats boosting.​
  5. Utilize disallowed mods that generate an unfair advantage.​
  6. Anti-AFK machines or mods.​
  7. Sell, for real money, access to features or items inside the server.​
  8. Grief zones that should be protected. If you find any you must report it as a bug.
  9. Use mods, commands, systems or constructions that slow down, crash or hinder the normal operation of the server or any other clients (e.g. redstone clocks).​
    • Staff can determine if something could pose a potential risk to the server's normal operation, remove or delete it and punish the responsible players.​
  10. Abuse your server rank (e.g. VIP or Citizen) or town rank (e.g. Assistant or Builder) to do the following:
    1. Give users with lower ranks access to benefits of higher ranks (for example, using /repair in other user's tools).
    2. Give users with lower ranks access to restricted areas.
    3. [Town ranks] Unreasonably kick or evict users from a Town or a plot, respectively.
    4. [Town ranks] Griefing or stealing from a player's house or base.
    5. Any other a member of the Staff Team may consider as abuse.
  11. Not respecting the property of others, such as, but not limited to:
    • Entering into someone's place without permission.
    • Block the access to chests or other blocks or entities that you do not own.
    • Use of services a Town provides to their residents when not being a resident.

3. Player and Account safety:
  1. The player is solely responsible for their Minecraft / Mojang account. We are not responsible for loss of data (plots, money, rank, items, inventory, homes, permissions, purchased items or any other) in cases that are caused by the player, such as, name changes, account changes or friends accessing the account.​
  2. We will not move and / or revoke punishments that were caused by someone accessing the account with or without permission of the owner.​
    • If the player's account has unusual activity (such as strange behavior, IPs, or any other) we reserve the right to classify it as hacked or breached and prevent its usage in our server. To keep playing the owner must show proof they have recovered it and taken the correct security measures to prevent this from happening again in the future.​
  3. We're not responsible for trades and business between players. The staff will only intervene if a report with proof is filled if a rule is broken.
  4. The benefits of a rank are removed then the rank expires or when it is removed.

4. Towny server:
The following set of rules are only applicable to the Towny server.
  1. Town or Nation ranks given to a player, going from Assistant to VIP, may be revoked at any time by the LibertyLand Administration if it decides a player is not suitable for it.​
  2. Towns or Nations cannot be sold or trespassed without the LibertyLand Administration's approval.​
  3. Town or Nation Staff team are responsibility of its respective mayor or king.​
  4. Public Town Services can only be hired by the Mayor or an Assistant with a written permission by the Mayor.​
  5. If a Resident enters a period of inactivity (30 natural days since last connection) without prior notice, the towns in which the player has plots have the right to evict the player.​
  6. If a Town mayor or Nation king enters a period of inactivity (30 natural days since last connection) without prior notice, the LibertyLand Administration reserves the right to:​
    • Take the ownership from the Mayor or King.​
    • Trespass, sell or delete the Town or Nation (following the correspondent procedure).​
  7. Valid forms to notify inactivity are:
    • Using the General Towny Discussion forum.
    • Leaving a sign in front of the plot.
    • Please note that only 3 months (90 days) will be covered by the notice. if you are going away for longer we recommend talking to the mayor.
  8. If the LibertyLand Administration believes there are anomalies in the administration of a Town or Nation, we reserve the right to:​
    • Make an investigation of what may be happening.​
    • Take the ownership from the Mayor or King for undetermined time.​
    • Revoke Town or Nation ranks from players.​
    • Start the Town or Nation deletion process (if there is a valid reason).​
    • Punish responsible users (if there is a valid reason).​
  9. Town and Nation taxes are set by each Town and Nation, with a maximum imposed by the Administration.
    • This tax is per plot, this means that if a Resident has 10 plots they will be charged 10 times.
    • Taxes are collected every day at 12PM CST.
  10. Shops in the shops world are not sellable, and if a player is selling one it will be punished hardly.
  11. It is not allowed to do the following things to new players:
    • Invite them to a Town after they join.
    • Give them a free plot after join.
    • Make them join a Town after they join.
    • Offer discounts in plots if they join the town.

5. Procedures:
  1. Town / Nation Trespass procedure:​
    1. Ownership is taken from the old owner.​
    2. New owner gets ownership and all the related entities to the Town are updated.​
  2. Town / Nation sell procedure:
    1. The old mayor contacts the Administration to purposes selling the Town.
    2. if approved, the Administration team starts a grace period of 30 days in which offers will be received.
    3. The old owner can decide which offer is better and can end the sale before the end of the 30 days.
    4. At the end of the 30 day period the old owner must choose to sell it and who to or keep it.
    5. If the owner decides to sell it and the new mayor accepts it, then the Administration will decide whether to approve the sell or not.
    6. if approved, the new mayor must pay the old owner and the transfer will be made.
  3. Town / Nation deletion procedure:
    1. All the claimed plots by active residents will be moved to another Town of their choice.
    2. The Administration may do an agreement with other town to receive the plots without charge for the residents, if a residents chooses another town then the payment its on them.
    3. A 30 day period will start on which Residents can tell an Admin to move the plot to another town.
    4. When the 30 day period ends all the remaining plots with active residents will be warned that they have 10 days to ask for their relocation.
    5. After the 10 day extra period the Town will be deleted and the remaining plots will be removed.
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