News - June 2019


Staff member
Aug 28, 2018
Welcome to our monthly changelog. Here are the most fresh news.

Town Hub:

To help new players (and old ones too), we've created /warp townhub where all the existing towns will have a portal that will teleport to the town's spawn.
*LibertyCity's portal does not work because the mayor did not build the counter part of it.


We released KitBattle. However, we had to close it to fix a couple of critical bugs. After fixing these and migrating to another plugin; we are proud to release KitBattle again. At first we decided to assign higher kits to VIP and Platinum ranks. This has changed and now kits have to be unlocked by winning coins.

You can win coins by killing other players. Every X number of coins will upgrade you to a new KitBattle rank. Each rank unlocks more kits and abilities.


Another thing we fixed are Shops of /warp shops. We were having multiple issues with the previous plugin. We've switched and the problems disappeared. This also allowed us to remove the limitation of 1 region per user, meaning now you can rent one hotel room and one shop.


Starting this month, Towns will be able to request administrators the creation of hotel rooms for their residents. These hotel rooms can be rented by the price set by the town mayor and will give the user access to a hotel room with basic utility blocks. This is a very safe method of storing things with a low cost, considered to buy a plot or keeping things in resources when you're starting.

Obviously, it cant be compared to buying a plot, which gives you a permanent space in a town which cant expire, but also helps the town itself.


We've added Suffixes to our Store. The prices range from $3 for a server-specific suffix and $5 for a global one. They may contain whatever color combination you want. The only rule is that it needs to comply with the rules; otherwise, it won't be applied.