News - May 2019


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Aug 28, 2018
Hello. Welcome to the newsletter of the May and April months!


Our website has been updated with information about services you can hire and buy from the administration. Some of them are really interesting and useful to town mayors and users overall.
You buy services using Tokens (Which are our premium currency!).

To buy one you contact an administrator about it, then the administrator will place the order and do it.

For services that can be edited they may have an additional edit price.

Check out all the available services here. Have suggestions for a service you'd like to see? Let us know in the feature-requests channel of our Discord.

Shops world:

A new world has been created! The long awaited shops (former business) world is now available to use. Here you can rent a shop and sell all your things to earn money, or you can travel here to find something you need! The rent is $1,000 per day, and you can extend it clicking on the shop sign. To go there you can do /warp shops.
If your rent expires other people are able to rent it. We'll not be responsible for expired rents and "stolen" shops. When you login and your rent is about to expire you'll get a warning on chat, keep your eyes open!


Last month we added a plugin that allowed users to create elevators easily. After testing it with Java and Bedrock, we can announce it! You probably may have seen a new fancy elevator in /warp adminshop.

To build one you must put blocks in this same order:

  • Empty Sign
  • Button
  • Air (nothing)
  • In the ground a glass or stained glass block.

Then you hit the sign and some text should appear in it. Now lets go to the final floor!

On the final floor you have to do the same except replacing the glass block with an iron block:

Then hit the sign again and you're set up! To add more floors just repeat the step one in all the floors.

Tool Melting:

To help players earn money, we've added a new plugin which lets you melt your tools of any ore and get it back. It is based on durability and if its too damaged you won't get anything but destroyed hopes.

Special mention:

Shutout to @FroskPL who donated $5 this month (April and May) to support LibertyLand's development. Thanks to him!
If you want to support us please visit our
webstore, we'll be adding new payment gateways soon:tm:!